Caller Conference 2025

3rd - 5th July 2025 | North Lakes Hotel | Caboolture

Why Attend?

Just prior to the 65th Australian National Square Dance Convention in Qld, the next ACF caller conference will be here. 2025 is the year to book in and join your fellow callers at North Lakes Hotel. We have an amazing team of presenters that are making themselves available to build and enhance your skills further as a square dance caller.

The ACF has a proud history of assisting our callers to help better themselves in our square dance activity. Since our first mini-lab event in 1990, we believe by hosting these events our callers can experience world class presenters in our activity.

 Have a look at a promo video which will show more about what you will experience

What to expect

The 2025 conference is built on the following 5 pillars:

  • Technical
  • Presentation
  • Teaching
  • Social
  • Shaping the future

Our conference will have more mike time for all callers as we strive to improve our local talent.

Some of our topics will range from:

  • Showmanship
  • Voice
  • Choreo variety vs complexity
  • Choreo control
  • Sociability
  • Dancer success
  • Helper words
  • Getouts

When is the conference?

3rd - 5th July 2025, located at the North Lakes Hotel.

How Register

To register for our amazing event, please go to our registration page using the following link - Register